Current Productions

A Rhino's Life


By Rosie Koch and Roland Gockel

Camera: Roland Gockel


Executive Producer: Tom Synnatzschke (NDR Doclights)

Editor: Karen Tonne

Music Score: Sebastian Schmidt

Narration: Andrew Solomon


The shock of very first raindrops on a baby rhino's skin; horns, that may either be tender or inflict serious pain. Droughts, predators, mating acrobatics - a rhino's life is as full of surprises as it is rich with deep social bonds from the start. So is the close relationship between Malaika and her son Elias. For years, the two of them are inseparable. But Malaika is pregnant. When she finally goes into labor, nothing is the same anymore. 

NDR, arte, ORF Universum, NHK, 2022


In der ARD Mediathek: Nashörner  - Mit Herz und Horn


Winner Wildlife Award at Naturvision Film Festival

Winner "Bester Film Wildnis Natur" at Dt. Naturfilmpreis 

Winner Best Wildlife at Green Film Festival San Francisco

Winner TELEVIZIA JOJ at IFF Ekotopfilm 2023

Winner Mangrove Leaf Award at SIFF 2023

Winner Wild Film at Mpumalanga Int Film Festival 23

Winner Special Mention MAFF Matsalu Nature FF 2023

Nominated at Greenscreen Int. Wildlife Film Festival

Nominated Festival International Namur 2023

Nominated at Lonely Wolf Int. Film Festival

Nominated at Festival Int. Meningoute 2023

Official Selection Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, NY

Dormouse Detectives

A Film by Rosie Koch und Roland Gockel

Camera: Roland Gockel

Production: Marco Polo Film AG


Garden dormice are supposed to be at home all over Europe. But recently they have started to go missing. A disappearance so mysterious, that researchers and conservationists have hurried to form a special task force. Their investigation focuses on possible causes for the massive decline in the cute rodent’s numbers. Only if the Dormouse Detectives manage to solve this puzzling case in time, they may still be able to save the species.


In der ARD Mediathek: SOKO Gartenschläfer


Winner Special Mention at Greenscreen 2023

Winner Best Mid Length Documentary INFF 2023

Nominated at Ökofilmtour 2024

Nominated at Naturvision Filmfestival 2023

Official Selection Mountainfilm Graz 2023

Official Selection Green Film Festival San Francisco 23


A film by Roland Gockel and Rosie Koch


For NDR, rbb, and Arte


Cityfoxes and rural foxes in Germany live very separate lifes. While they look basically the same, their sourroundings, habits and behavior is very different indeed. Foxes are an extreme example of high adaptabilty. They seem to thrive in open landscapes as well as in gardens and the concrete jungles we call cities. This documentary takes a close look at how they manage at all and what challenges these animals face respectively.

It took filmmakers Roland Gockel and Rosie Koch more than two years to earn the trust of some members of this very smart species. Their patience was rewarded by rare footage of the surprisingly devoted family life of city and country foxes alike, with all its challenges, dangers and joy.


On TV: 28. April 2024 um 21Uhr im rbb





A film by Rosie Koch and Roland Gockel


Stan Hutchings has been walking creeks along the north west coast of B.C. in Canada for almost 40 years. "Everything on this coast is connected to salmon in some way - from the grizzly bears and wolves right down to the insects and even the trees in the forest depend on salmon.". Every year from July to October, Stan is counting the salmon runs into creeks along the coast. His numbers are supposed to be used by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to manage commercial fishing. But fewer and fewer patrolmen are checking on fisheries. This year Stan is the last Creekwalker. All of this in times of climate change, with warming water in rivers and creeks and catastrophic events like the devastating land slides following unprecedented rain storms. Stan takes the future of creekwalking in his own hands: he is working with nature conservancies, salmon hatchery managers, and First Nations communties to give a voice to salmon: "I think salmon are some of the most imporant things along this coast and I think we have to work very hard to make sure they are around forever!"


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Arte Entdeckung der Welt

Magical Oman

A film by Rosie Koch and Roland Gockel


Produced by: Marco Polo Film AG

For: Ann-Christin Hornberger, ZDF/Arte


Part 1: The North - In Sinbad's Footsteps


A two part journey through Oman, an enchanting land straight out of the Arabian Nights.  In this first episode: the valley of Wadi Tiwi with its Oases, the Al Hajar mountains with picturesque villages and cliffs. Also the former capital Nizwa with its goat market and the port city of Sour.



Part 2: The South - Coastal Metropolis and Mountain Oases


A two part journey through Oman, an enchanting land straight out of the Arabian Nights. In this second episode: the Al-Wusta reserve, the incense trail and the city of Salalah.